Hej! We are a Swedish Travel Retailer

Founded in 1979, we have more than 40 years of experience of travel retail. We supply airports, ferries and embassies in Northern Europe with a wide range of premium products such as perfumes, confectionary, spirits and fashion.

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Our philosophy

We are passionate about retail and challenge the one-size-fits-all approach of our competitors. Instead, we work individually with every single one of our clients, providing and guaranteeing a 360 degree service.



A travel retail expert

Our 40 years of experience has taught us that there’s no such thing as a universal solution. Every one of our clients is different, and each has their own specific needs.

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We know what your customers want and we are able to source it from the world’s best suppliers and biggest brands. At R&F, we know everything there is to know about retail and we tailor it to fit your world.


With us you can order online and expect your goods to be dispatched within 24 hours.

With one of the most modern warehouses in Europe, we can stock more than 75.000 m³ of goods at once. Our logistics system enables us, in most cases, to dispatch goods within 24 hours of ordering and deliver by the shortest possible route.

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Our internal expertise ensures we know how to comply with tax, VAT and excise duties, so you won’t have to manage it.


With 40 years of experience in price setting, we can help you further increase your profit.

Analyzing the market, selecting products in demand, finding the right suppliers and defining the best quantities – we can help you with all this and more.

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We understand the value of brands and products, the specifics of local markets, customers and their willingness to pay. With this knowledge, we can help you create a long-term price vs. volume strategy as well as a quality ladder with clear price points that avoid cannibalisation. All this to help you set prices that benefit you and your customers alike.


Complete control throughout the sales process, and creative use of marketing.

Planning and fast logistics help us achieve our main goals; to maximise sales, customer satisfaction and generate the highest possible profit for our clients.

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To do this, we use both new and tried and tested merchandising and marketing strategies. We create Point of Sale materials as well as seasonal topical brochures to strengthen sales and generate more profit. All sales are tracked and all data evaluated in real time via our central data hub.

We tailor fit our services
to your needs.

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Our main goal is to offer each of our clients the best solution for their business. So we are happy to provide you will all of our services or, if you prefer, just some of them. Whatever rocks your boat. Or train. Or plane.