Our shop at Cologne Bonn Airport now open

April 29, 2021

Today is the day! After two months of building our very first shop at Cologne Bonn Airport, R&F is finally ready to say welcome, or willkommen, to our first customers.

It’s been quite the challenge opening a shop in the middle of the pandemic. The opening date has been changed and then changed again but now, the R&F shop at Cologne Bonn Airport is finally open!

The shop offers perfume, spirits, and confectionery as well as accessories and toys, much like the typical airport shop. The store concept, however, is about making airport shopping fun and exciting again, adding customer focus and vitality – meaning that offers and products will change frequently.

The interior design of the shop has been created by R&F, from colour and material choices to the customized racking. As the assortment and offers change, so will the interior of the shop with racking modules that are easy to move around.

“We are of course very happy and proud that the opening day is finally here. This has been a huge project for us and we are very grateful to have the full support of the Cologne Bonn Airport management who has believed in this project from the start as well as all co-workers who all in some way have been part a of making this happen”, says Cilla Rosengren, Visual Merchandiser at R&F.

Cologne Bonn Airport is one of the most important commercial airports in Germany, handling more than 12 million people annually (pre covid numbers). While the current flight schedule reflects the lower travel volumes, this will hopefully change in the months to come as Germany’s vaccination program picks up speed.

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