Donating Easter food to Hemlösas Förening

March 30, 2020

We believe that everyone deserves a good meal. Now, we are donating Easter food to Hemlösas Association, a local community for people in need.

Due to the corona crisis, we now have a lot of food in our warehouse that was originally meant for passengers onboard ferry lines during Easter. As passenger traffic is drastically declining amid corona fears, we are instead donating this food to Hemlösas Förening in Malmö. Hemlösas Förening (Café Fisken) is a local community that is serving lunches to people in need.

“As a company, we work actively to reduce food waste and donating food to Hemlösas Förening is a way to contribute to a more sustainable development and at the same time make a difference for many people in need,” says PO Jönnerheim, CEO of Retail & Food Services.

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